Mechanical Engineer

Wasatch Photonics is a fast growing company with several market-leading products with optics at their core. The company is an ideal place for energetic and innovative individuals looking to develop exceptional products for a variety of applications in a fast-paced startup driven environment.

The Company provides a collaborative and cordial environment and plays an integral part in the growth and development of its team members. Key product areas from Wasatch Photonics Systems Division include Raman Spectroscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography and Hyperspectral Imaging.

Location: Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina


The key responsibilities of this position will be to design and analyze opto-mechanical systems and sub-systems for an ever increasing and diverse marketplace in the areas including, but not limited to, Raman Spectroscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography, and Hyperspectral Imaging. These systems may be one off proof of concept or alpha units leading to production orders for an OEM customer. Some of the products developed and designed will be used in lab environments while others will need to meet the rigors of industrial, remote locations, or military type environments. The successful candidate will need to be able to layout, design, analyze, and fully document systems, sub-systems, and parts utilizing 3D CAD software, specifically SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation Premium, and SolidWorks Flow Simulation (CFD).

The candidate will be equally comfortable working as a member of a close team or working projects from inception to build and delivery with little or no outside direction.

The candidate shall possess the ability to layout conceptual and detail designs from 3D outputs (STEP files) of optical design software such as ZEMAX. The candidate shall have the ability to perform system level or sub-assembly level mechanical tolerance analyses. The candidate may be required to fully document and analyze designs using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing techniques. In addition, the candidate will provide insight into the appropriate choice of materials and manufacturing technologies. The candidate will be responsible for maintaining appropriate drawing documentation, analyses, and reports in accordance with the quality management system of the company.

While focusing on mechanical design the candidate will be expected to have good system level understanding of optical instrumentation and opto-mechanical system design. The candidate will be able to effectively communicate with other technical experts in optics, electronics, and software development. The candidate will also interact with the business development team of the company and provide occasional support to customers on relevant matters.


  1. Strong background in mechanical design using Solidworks and other CAD tools. 5-10 years of experience needed.
  2. Background using a PDM system for documentation control of CAD files.
  3. Strong understanding of materials and manufacturing technologies.
  4. Good understanding of optical systems, mounting of optical elements, and applications.
  5. Experience designing military and commercial hardware.
  6. Strong communication skills and positive attitude to work with engineering, manufacturing and business teams towards the success of products.
  7. Strong organization skills and capability of performing necessary written documentation.


BS/MS or higher in mechanical, manufacturing, optics or related engineering fields.