Hyperspectral Imaging

By combining our Ultimate Diffraction Grating with f/1.3 optics, WP has created the World’s Fastest Spectrometer. In addition to speed, our Innovative Optical Design lets us build a high-performance spectrometer in a small package. When tested side by side, our spectrometers consistently outperform larger, more expensive units.

With High-Throughput and Ultra-fast Integration Times, what more, do you need?

Hyperspectral Imagers include Raman, Fluorescence, IR, Near-IR, and Visible systems. The ability to measure spectra at each point in an image allows detailed molecular analysis of a variety of inhomogeneous samples or scenes. The information obtained through the proposed state-of-the-art spectral imaging instrumentation helps Wasatch customers get the analysis and conclusions they need to make a real difference whether it’s in the lab, in factories, or on the front lines. These applications are wide-ranging and far-reaching in their ability to produce valuable information in markets such as:


A hyperspectral image of tissue using computational science can determine disease more accurately for doctor’s diagnosis compared to staining methods using visual observation.


Hyperspectral images can reveal vital information that can help improve product quality, cost-effectiveness, and time savings for drug research, development and formulation.


Hyperspectral imaging technology provides law enforcement with increased discrimination and visualization capabilities that won’t destroy the evidence.


Hyperspectral imaging is used for hazardous material detection for government, airport security, and military agencies.


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