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Gratings for OCT

Wasatch Photonics Gratings and Diffractive Optics

Wasatch Photonics is the industry leader in supplying gratings for Spectral Domain (SD) OCT applications. We offer a variety of enhanced volume phase gratings and HD gratings for any OCT application. These gratings are in stock and ready to ship. When your design is ready for market, our OEM capabilities are ready to meet your demands.

Buy vs Build: Are you building your own OCT spectrometer? Why not speed your system design and improve performance with our industry-leading Cobra spectrometer? We’ve optimized our optical design for OCT to achieve subpixel resolution and superior SNR for greater, deeper image clarity. We offer more than 30 models at 800, 1050, and 1300 nm for the exact range, resolution, speed, depth, and cost you need. Try the Cobra-S for ultrafast 250 kHz scan rates.

Tech Tip: Optimizing OCT Spectrometer Performance – read now!

Available Stock Gratings for OCT

Don’t see what you need? Let out expert staff design and build a custom grating to meet your application.

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