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WP OCT Imaging Systems

P1265200 (1)Optical coherence tomography is a 3D imaging technology that uses light and interferometric detection to localize different reflecting and scattering regions in the sample under examination. OCT is used in a variety of applications including retinal imaging, optical biopsies, and for material and chemical inspection. OCT provides an extremely high-resolution image, on the order of 2-20 μm and it provides imaging depth of up to 2-3 mm in a scattering medium. OCT imaging is ultrafast and can easily achieve video rate imaging.


WP’s OCT solutions provide our customers with a versatile turn-key system. We have the know-how to customize each system to each unique application. Our vertically, integrated design, and in-house OCT expertise makes WP the preferred choice for both research and OEM applications.

Whether you have a new application or an existing system, contact Wasatch Photonics info@wasatch.grafxtampa.com and let us help you to improve your image.

Compact Probes for OCT easily mounted or used in handheld fashion.small probes (1)Large Animal Retinal Imaging Probe     handheld-1 (002)


WP OCT is designed to extend capabilities of optical coherence tomography for a wide array of applications. We provide compact probes to needs of such applications. We have the most compact OCT probes in the market for easy use in laboratory settings. Our probes can also be used in a handheld fashion when it is not convenient to bring the sample under the scanner. WP OCT can be combined with imaging optics specifically designed for small and large animal retinal imaging.




Key Features

  • Customized to meet your imaging needs
  • High-resolution and Deep Imaging
  • User-friendly Software
  • Optional Plugins for Image Analysis


Contact us for purchasing and demo options: info@wasatch.grafxtampa.com; 919-544-7785

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