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Fluorescence Systems

By combining our Ultimate Diffraction Grating with f/1.3 optics, WP has created the World’s Fastest Spectrometer. In addition to speed, our Innovative Optical Design lets us build a high-performance spectrometer in a small package. When tested side by side, our spectrometers consistently outperform larger, more expensive units.

With High-Throughput and Ultra-fast Integration Times, what more, do you need?

The WP VIS fluorescence spectrometers incorporate the highest sensitivity and fastest acquisition rates offering integrated solutions for applications such as advanced materials research, biochemical analysis applications, biotechnology applications, food and beverage, etc.

Maximum Throughput

Throughput is the most important factor when choosing a spectrometer. With the Wasatch Advantage, you will be able to collect more signal than competing spectrometers. Our unique f/1.3 spectrometer design enables you to collect samples in milliseconds compared to competing spectrometers where measurements take seconds. Increased signal decreases the acquisition time.

Demanding Low-Light Applications

The WP VIS Spectrometer is configured for low-light applications such as fluorescence. The TE-cooled (down to 15 °C) detector features low noise and low dark signal, which enables low-light detection.

Plug-and-Play USB Operation

The WP VIS interfaces to a computer via USB 3.0 Data unique to each spectrometer are programmed into a memory chip on the WP VIS; our DASH software reads these values for easy setup.

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