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Wasatch Photonics manufactures the highest throughput line of spectrometers on the market for non-destructive analysis of a wide range of applications.  Because our f/1.3 spectrometers are designed for low light applications, we are able to bridge the performance gap between high-end laboratory grade spectrometers, and cost effective, smaller more portable devices. Our Volume Phase Holographic Grating (VPHG) based, spectrometers are innovative in design and remain unmatched in performance and acquisition rate. These devices can offer affordable solutions to real world problems.

Wasatch provides a line of f/1.3 high performance, spectrometers that maximize throughput and offer shorter integration times for applications in the laboratory and in the field. Available in Raman, UV, VIS, and NIR ranges, as well as fully custom OEM spectrometers. Applications include material identification and analysis for process control, R&D, biomedical, chemicals, agriculture, and homeland security.

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