Technical Notes

Spectroscopy: The Wasatch Advantage

We’ve designed our spectrometers to collect more light, keep more light, and detect more light. This results in much higher sensitivity, faster acquisition rates, and lower limit of detection. See the schematic and learn more.

Fluorescence: Lowering the limit of detection

Sensitivity is of paramount importance in a fluorescence measurement, yet how can you compare the relative sensitivity of fluorescence systems from different manufacturers? In this tech tip, we’ll define limit of detection (LOD), explain how to measure it yourself, and show you how the WP VIS spectrometer and cuvette accessory excels with picomolar level detection. Read on…

Raman: How sample coupling affects data quality

Spectrometer or system? Probe or integrated laser? How you interface with your Raman sample depends not only on whether you value convenience or configurability, but also on the data quality you require. In this tech tip, we’ll show you how to get more out of our many sample coupling & configuration options. See the data, and how our probes outperform the rest.